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Types and Advantages of computer networks

Types and Advantages of computer networks

You must know that a network consists of more than one commuter that is linked in order to share resources. It is advantageous in that you can exchange files; allow electronic communications, even printers and CD-ROMs). There are three basic types of network that are normally used:
1. Local Area Network (LAN) 2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) 3. Wide Area Network
Local Area Network is confined to a small area and is generally limited to a geographical area about a mile apart to other computers. The configuration of LAN consists of software that controls the network and also the software that is shared by other computers that are attached to the network. It consists of a file server, a workstation and cables.
Metropolitan Area Network covers larger geographic areas and covers cities. They are used by local libraries and Government agencies to connect to citizens and private industries.
Wide Area Network connects larger geographic areas all over the world. It works with transoceanic cables or satellite uplinks.
Speed is one of the advantages. Sharing and transferring files are very fast and saves a lot of time. It does not allow any fraud connections and is very safe. Another advantage is the cost. If the copies are made individually licensing each copy becomes very expensive.
If Networkable versions are used it saves cost. The upgrading of the program becomes easier in shared programs instead of upgrading individual work stations. Security is another factor. You must know that sensitive files on a network are password protected. They are termed as ‘copy inhibit’. This does not allow illegal copying. Another advantage is the Centralized Software Management. This can be loaded on just one computer which is the file server and time and energy in installing updates and tracking them on individual computers can be eliminated. Other advantages are Resource Sharing, Electronic Mail use, flexible access and Group Work computing.
Looking through all the advantages what does a technological person think? Yes, he feels nice that communication which the most important part of today’s knowledge based work has developed very fast and is also helpful not only for science and technology but also for the common man who can connect himself to different people and places.
It is because of this fast paced communication network that globalization has become easy. The modern world has come closer to each other and each country is not an island by itself. Even continents have come closer because of the advent of information technology. Due to this economy have also improved and different types of businesses have come into being.
Another major advantage of this is that many new jobs have got created in the technical field and has provided opportunities for the new generation to earn more and have a better standard of living.
The present generations including young adults who are still in the field of education are also aware of file sharing and storage of major knowledge that they acquire. Even families have now learnt to have different modems if each member has a computer and they get interconnected using a network with just one modem and printer. Networking has resolved the problem of purchasing expensive soft wares available in the market. Software can be stored in one system or server and it can be used by different work stations.

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Different Types of Printer Inks in the Market

Different Types of Printer Inks in the Market

The printer ink business has evolved into a cutthroat market with different printer ink technologies pushing for their own selling points. With OEMâ??s being hastily compared to compatible printer ink cartridges, and different brands of printer inks boasting a new feature over another, the printer ink business has given consumers many options to choose from. Whether one opts for the original manufactured inks or compatible printer ink cartridges one can get the right deal as long as they know what is best for him.

The OEM brand is led by two rival technologies; namely HPâ??s Vivera Inks and Epsonâ??s Durabrite Inks. HP Vivera Inks is a pigment-based ink technology suited for photo printing suites. Vivera inks are geared to premium photo printing for the high-end consumer. The word â??Viveraâ? is a combination of vivid, vibrant, and era, which represents a new standard of printer ink technology today. The Vivera ink is formulated for high resistance that can give photos a lifetime of up to 110 years, vivid and vibrant colors which features 72.9 million different shades, and SMART printing technology to allow users to monitor different printer inks levels.

In the other end of the scale, Durabrite printer ink is the Epson version of HPâ??s Vivera. Like Vivera, Epson Durabrite is made from a pigment-based formulation that leaves water as much as possible in the print finishes. This results to increased resistance against external agents. For simple document printing, Epson Durabrite emphasizes its large capacity and multiple cartridges for different-colored inks. Epson Durabrite inks are perfect for large volume needs. In addition, Epson paired the Durabrite printer inks with its set of Durabrite printer papers.

However, pigment-based technology is a hard sell for the normal user. Pigment-based inks use a special resin that dries quickly. However, the same drying properties can also happen inside the printer ink cartridges, which can lead to inconvenient clogging. At the same time, pigment-based inks generally cost more than dye-based inks.

Meanwhile, InkTec compatible printer inks value affordability over high-end printing. Still, InkTec technology does not fall behind in the bang-for-buck tests in printing quality. InkTec relies on heavy research and development to provide high quality printer ink cartridge borne from innovative engineering practices.

Printer ink technologies will always spring up in the side of OEMâ??s or for its equivalent compatible printer ink cartridges. Finding the right printer ink cartridge for you is an exercise of constant comparison and defining what you want out of your printer. For high-end photo finishes, the lively colors of Vivera and Durabrite are a plus. Still, many other compatible ink cartridges can equal or even surpass the quality of OEM printers for less cost. With a set of effective alternative found in the printer aftermarket, it is your responsibility to know the right kind of printer ink cartridge for you.

James Kara Murat the contributor of PrintCountry Inkjet Printer and Ink Cartridge Use Tips. A longer version of this article is located at Different Types of Printer Inks in the Market, and related resources can be found at PrintCountry FAQ.

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