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What are the Benefits of using a Samsung Multifunctional Printer

What are the Benefits of using a Samsung Multifunctional Printer

Buying a printer these days for home or business use should be a no-brainer if you have extra money to spend. Printers that are priced over £400 should deliver all sorts of convenient features like multifunction capability so you won’t have to purchase a scanner or copier anymore. These printers also provide network functionality so the printing features can be shared with the entire network without depending on a server. While many of these printers shouldn’t disappoint you, considering the brand of the printer may give you the best benefits for your money spent. Samsung is one company that likes to do that with all of its products including printers. You won’t be able to fully grasp the benefits of using a Samsung multifunctional printer unless you take a closer look at one of its best products like the Samsung SCX 6322.

Quality, Speed, and Economy

If you have a network that frequently uses the printer to print, you will probably look for a printer that emphasises speed. At least 20 pages per minute (ppm) should be ideal but some printers sacrifice the quality to the point that the purchase may not be worthwhile. The Samsung SCX 6322 manages to offer up to 1,200 dpi outputs which are noticeably sharper especially when printing images.

Even if there is a printer that manages to pull off those feats, the Samsung SCX 6322 also manages to minimize the toner consumption. Emphasizing on less consumption does affect the print quality but it is very slight. But the nice thing about this feature is that it takes a simple button press on the printer to reduce toner consumption by up to 30%. This is useful if you want flexibility when printing simple documents and professional documents. The consumables also come in two pieces allowing you to change the toner cartridge while leaving the drum unit to maximize page yield.

Multiple Printing Options

Many printers at this price point boast duplex functionality which is nice because it lets you print on both sides of the paper simultaneously. This not only cuts the printing time in half but it also saves paper as well. The Samsung SCX 6322 has this feature as well but it doesn’t stop there. It also supports booklet printing, scaling, and multiple pages per side without the need of separate software. A more unique feature is the ability to print watermarks or overlay text on existing documents.

Attractive Extras

Samsung wants to make their high-end products unique and the Samsung SCX 6322 successfully does that by throwing in some attractive extras like a built-in QWERTY keyboard so you can use the printer without a computer. It also offers advanced scanning features including the ability to scan to network which is not very common. The SmarThru Office software comes with many Samsung multifunction printers including the Samsung SCX 6322 so you can properly manage your scanned documents.

The Samsung SCX 6322 is just an example of how Samsung can stack some nice features alongside some impressive hardware specifications.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For a wide range of Samsung products, he recommends Printware Ltd, a leading supplier of Samsung Printers.

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