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What To Buy From Your Electronics Store ? NAS, USB or printer servers?

What To Buy From Your Electronics Store ? NAS, USB or printer servers?

Thanks to falling prices in your local electronics store and the advancement in technologies, the era of single computers for single households is truly over. Children have their own PC’s in their rooms now; and you probably have a laptop on your lap when lounging on the couch on evenings. But to buy an external hard drive for every PC and printer of course makes no sense, especially since you can access a hard drive from anywhere by setting up a server. And servers are no longer big monsters like they used to be; now they are even smaller than the external hard drives themselves! There are several types of servers easily available at any online Electronics Store, and here are the most common put together in a list:

1. Print Server

If you just want to share a printer on your network, then this is it for you. This handy device connects to your network using a network cable. The other side has a USB port where you connect your printer. With simple software to access the printer, the set-up is ready to print. There are even print servers that have web-based interfaces that need no software to function! Print servers for wireless network are available too. They work on the same principle, but have antennas instead of an Ethernet port.

2. USB server

They have the same working principle as print servers, only more elaborate. This device has one or more USB ports or USB Adapters so you can connect external hard drives besides a printer or a computer, for example. Ideal if you want to share files on your network without a file server. But do note the USB version while buying a USB server. Data transfer rates will vary according to that, and if you are one to constantly transfer huge files, it will make a world of difference!

3. NAS server

A Network Attached Storage server or an NAS server is basically a file server. With its own operating system it can do a lot from making backups to downloading. Some NAS servers can even accommodate a hard drive and then run through RAID. They are ideal for “heavy work”, often significantly smaller and more energy efficient than traditional servers. Even home users can now make good use of NAS servers. Movie buffs can use them as a Bit Torrent client and if you want to share files, their FTP server function is the solution. Besides the space to build in hard drives, they often have USB ports/USB adapters / eSATA ports where you can easily connect your external hard drives to easily access and share your files.

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Can Your Business Benefit From a Network Printer Being Installed in It

Can Your Business Benefit From a Network Printer Being Installed in It

With full featured multi-functional printers now in common use in businesses across the globe, many of these same businesses are looking to upgrade to a network printer, rather then using multiple printers. Can your business actually benefit from a network printer, or will you be better served by several independently operated printers. There are several variables that should be considered in order to make this determination and you may want to examine them before you make your final decision.

Operated Remotely

In general, it is medium to large sized companies that will benefit from installing a network printer but this is not a blanket rule, as there are occasional exceptions. What a network printer does, is function as a central printing station that receives and processes printing demands from any one of a number of style of computer mechanisms that are connected to a WAN or LAN network.

Three types of Printers

They are available in the three types thermal laser and inkjet. What type will benefit your business best, will be determined by the type and amount of printing that you will most commonly be doing. The basic trade off with the three types of printers are speed, accuracy and quality with text and image printing. Also, a benefit that thermal printers offer is the ability to print on a variety of materials with a variety of substances that offer features such as resistance to scratching.

Clients Can Print their Own Labels

One common use for network printers is in manufacturing. In manufacturing, network printers that print labels make it easy and efficient for labels to be printed from a remote location. This means that the clients themselves can actually print their own labels to their exact specifications, simply and economically avoiding any problem with mix ups that are all to common in label printing.

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Build Your Own ZUBI 1.0 born from 3DWebfier Project.

Some cool network printer images:

Build Your Own ZUBI 1.0 born from 3DWebfier Project.
network printer
Image by menteblu61
What is ZUBI?

ZUBI is a complete, hardware&software open-source solution, born from 3DWebfier project to control wireless a 3d Printer from a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

Our original plan was to use a PIC-AP-BOARD in USB Host Mode (or any board with similar characteristics, eg this) connected via USB to the 3D printer and to WiFi network of home router via a WiFi module with serial interface HLK -RM04.

Now we have finally completed the solution, Open and low cost so anyone can make it. It’s will be featured at Rome Maker Faire 2014

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Image by TechCocktail
Tech Cocktail was excited to partner with GE for an inspiring night of innovation with special guest Justin Fishkin of Local Motors. The attendees not only left the event with nuggets of information and dreams to build the next revolution of refrigerators, but many walked away with small trinkets they built on the 3D printers and laser cutters that were on exhibit. It was quite a night!

Check out the talks here: goo.gl/G87jtm
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Studio setup – from my LG V9800

Some cool bluetooth printer images:

Studio setup – from my LG V9800
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Image by Andrew Morrell Photography
Current setup – new MacBook Pro on left, rejuvenated iMac on right, and my 20" nec monitor in middle. Canon i9900 printer, and Epson scanner on left. That’s my mom in the picture. And – oh yeah – GO BLUE!

PoGo:Bluetooth and USB(PictBridge) Photo Printer
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Image by taidoh
by Polaroid

Samsung photo printer USB/Bluetooth
bluetooth printer
Image by lodev
Cleaning before moving…

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