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Fast Network Printers For Multipurpose Use

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by liewcf

Fast Network Printers For Multipurpose Use

The network printers are the printers installed over the private network such as LAN; these printers are used for printing documents from various computer terminals in the network. The network can be established over the whole department or a building of an organization. These network printers make connection to the network by being installed at some specific USB port of the main computers of the central offices and take commands of printing from the various terminals connected, only if the permission from the main computer is granted.

These Printers are the multifunctional printers that offer many features within a single unit. These printers include scanner, photocopier and sometimes-even Fax machine within it. Such printers find great use in the offices as the need of buying other equipments is prevented. The other equipments, if bought separately, cost even more amount and also occupy more space. For this reason, very high performance, all-in-one printers are being used today.

These printers can be either laser printer or ink jet printers. Laser printers deliver high speed of operation while the ink jet printers are comparatively slow. Today printers are available in many configurations, types, capacity, functionality and style. Printers can be either colored or monochrome. They can be chosen on the basis of user capacity, that is, the connectivity to the terminals. A few manufacturers offer even up to 200 user terminals connectivity.

The multifunctional printers are offered by many manufacturers in the market. Some of the famous manufacturers include Brother, Canon, Copystar, Kyucera, Lexmark, NEC, OKi, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Xerox etc. The Copystar CS 1635, NEC NEFAX-805 and Sharp AR-M162 are a few of the best seller printers which are in current trend. The cost of these printers comes in the range of 600-1100$ .

The printers can be selected on the basis of printing speed based on their printing requirements. The speed varies as number of pages it can print in a second along with maintaining a good quality print. Few printers come in with networking capability, if the requirement is for the whole department then printer with networking facility should be used. Their network installation is also very easy, many a times the company sends a serviceman for installing the printer.

Today network printers have become a very common device in any office department. Its utility is nowhere hidden; any user from his terminal can use them anytime. By network printer the need of buying several printers is vanished. And when these printers include scanner, copier and Fax machine, then it satisfies all the needs of an office.

Thus the multifunctional network printers are the choice of the time; these should be installed in places such as offices, companies, departments, business houses etc. The easier is the use of technology, the more is speed of operation of the system. So for making an efficient operational system there should be continuous revision in the accessories and equipments used.

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