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Wireless Color Laser Printer – Print Color at Home Without Cables

Wireless Color Laser Printer – Print Color at Home Without Cables
Color laser printing used to be a service that you would have to pay for at a service bureau to get good quality. Now this something you can very much do right in the comforts of your own home with a wireless color laser printer.

These kinds of printers have amazing quality and sharpness that look just like the prints that you get from professional stores. There are two reasons why you should opt to buy these kinds of printers, and they are all right there in the name of the printer itself. First of all, wireless printers are now all the rage when it comes to personal printers, especially because the numbers of people whose main computers in the home are laptops are rising. While the number of people who make use of desktop computers in the home is still a lot more than the former, there is no denying that the laptop is now a very common item that can be seen in most homes. A wireless color laser printer does not need wires or any other connecting paraphernalia other than plain Bluetooth. So if you have more than one computer or laptop in your home but only have one printer, then the wireless version is definitely the kind that is right for you.

Aside from the advantages of a wireless printer, there are also a lot of advantages of buying laser printers over all other kinds of printers. Not only are laser printers so much faster than all other kinds of personal printers, but also they are higher in quality when it comes to sharpness of image. While a single word document might take as long as a minute in some other printers, it will take less than five seconds in a wireless color laser printer.

Never again do you have to wait until you space out in front of the printer before the hard copy comes out, because with a laser printer, you never have to wait or be hassled ever again. If you are the type of person that has the printer running all the time, then you will also appreciate the fact that laser printers emit a noise that is so soft; you will hardly even think that it is a whisper. Unlike the older kinds of printers that make such a huge racket, your wireless color laser printer will be so quiet that you will forget that it is there.

So putting together the separate advantages of having a wireless printer as well as a laser printer, you can surely see that putting them together was just a stroke of genius. Never again will printing something have to be a hassle for you. If you are a photographer, this kind of printer will definitely be a godsend, because you will not longer have to pay such a fortune just to be able to print out your photos. Are you currently writing a book? Print out your manuscript as much as you want, it wont take up that much of your time anymore! Having a wireless color laser printer is just another testament to mans ingenuity.

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Tired of Entangled Cables? – Go in For the Best Wireless Printers For a Home Office

Tired of Entangled Cables? – Go in For the Best Wireless Printers For a Home Office

Everyone is tired of having to fight with the clutter of wires at their workstation that involves computers and printers among many other gadgets. The printer cable is entangled with other cables and you are not able to move the printer even on the same table. The solution is to use a wireless printer. When you are about to buy the best wireless printers for home office the task becomes somewhat difficult. You are not able to decide as to what you should look for and which are the best printers in the market today. To aid you in deciding the best this article has reviewed some of the best 5 in one printers under $ 500 in the market and tells you the advantages of becoming wireless.

While most of the printer manufacturers are now offering printers that have a wireless server built-in, there are various advantages of going wireless when you use a printer in a wireless environment. Some of these advantages are given below

o Faster speed

Most of the printers nowadays come with 802.11 wireless devices. Some have such devices inbuilt into the printer itself. Because of similar devices, the printer speed gets enhanced a lot and thus we have faster printers available now, as they become wireless.

o User friendly

This is the biggest advantage of using the wireless printer.

For setting up a wireless printer without any hassles, it is advisable to follow the following steps.

o You need a printer server. You can get it separately as it is a piece of antenna like device which is available cheap. Alternatively, you can get a printer with an inbuilt server.

o The signal has to go through the walls of the room, in case the printer and the computers are in different rooms. The walls having metal cladding may diminish the signals.

Some Best Printers Available:

Epson WorkForce 500 -All in one Printer

This all in one printer has a five in one functional application as it can print, scan, copy, photo and fax. It prints up to 33 ppm in black and color. It has a built in memory card slots and 2 .5 inch LCD. As well as a built-in 30 page ADF. The product also offers OCR and other creative software in its price.

1. It has a 2.5 inch LCD
2. Fax functions properly and is fast too.
3. The over all operation of the system is fast.

1. The main disadvantage of this printer is that it uses ink too fast.
2. Sometimes color confusion also takes place. For example if you select pink it would give you purple.
3. In case you want to send multiple pages of fax messages then the feeder gets jammed.

The price of this printer is $ 129.99.

Cannon Pixma MX 850 all in one printer

This is an all in one printer that can fax, copy, scan and print. It has a built in Ethernet jack which allows easy and simple connection to a network. It prints at 9600 by 2400 dpi for photos. It also has a built in memory card reader that allows 2.5 inch display from the card. Fit for a Home Office. The printer can be used for printing jobs during the day and during nights it can be used as a photo lab. The printer can give up to 31ppm for black and 24 ppm for color.

1. Good quality
2. Very fast printing.
3. Easy to use

1. Dirty scanner interface for custom scanning.
2. Miserable fax receiving.
3. Awful tech support.

Price: $ 279.99.

Brother MFC-7840W All-In-One Printer

A monochrome laser all in one printer useful for a home office. The speed is 23 ppm. This all in one printer comes in an elegant black color and has a built-in wireless network interface.

1. It is a small unit which can be maintained easily.
2. The running cost of the system is low.
3. The system is easy to connect.

1. This all in one printer has no duplex unit.
2. The quality of the photo is not too good.
3. Scanning is a bit slow.
4. Paper and envelopes gets curled up.

The price of the product is $ 179.