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network printer
Image by Dan Correia
What my main rig has evolved into. With the death of Windows PC, my MacBook is now my primary (in fact, only) computer.

Build Your Own ZUBI 1.0 born from 3DWebfier Project.
network printer
Image by menteblu61
What is ZUBI?

ZUBI is a complete, hardware&software open-source solution, born from 3DWebfier project to control wireless a 3d Printer from a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

Our original plan was to use a PIC-AP-BOARD in USB Host Mode (or any board with similar characteristics, eg this) connected via USB to the 3D printer and to WiFi network of home router via a WiFi module with serial interface HLK -RM04.

Now we have finally completed the solution, Open and low cost so anyone can make it. It’s will be featured at Rome Maker Faire 2014

Clark Hill Sponsors 2011 Host Cities Reception at 2011 Michigan Municipal League Convention in Grand Rapids
network printer
Image by Michigan Municipal League (MML)
Dozens of businesses and organizations helped make the 2011 Michigan Municipal League Convention a huge success. Here are many images of our sponsors leading education sessions, networking with League members and staff and providing valuable information and assistant. This year’s platinum sponsors were Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Comcast, Plunkett and Cooney Attorneys & Counselors at Law; Michigan Main Street and the Grand Hotel. Gold sponsors were Michigan Municipal League Employee Benefits Services/Blue Cross & Blue Shield, ICMA-RC, C2AE, NuWave Government Solutions, Corrigan Moving Systems – the official move of the MML Convention, and PASK Video Productions. Silver level sponsors were American Fidelity Assurance Company, OHM Advancing Communities, Prein & Newhof, Superior Play, Angie’s Artisan Treats, Safeguard Properties, Zausmer, Kaufman and August, Waste Management, White Pine Printers, Plante & Moran – the official auditor of the MML Community Excellence Awards, and Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC & Attorneys. Bronze level sponsors were Beckett & Raeder, Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering Inc., Republic Services, Rowe Professional Services Company, The Hubbard Law Firm, WadeTrim, MRPA Michigan Recreation and Park Association and Miller Canfield. Also Clark Hill sponsored the host cities reception hosted at the DeVos Place in the heart of the ArtPrize activities. The host cities reception was hosted by the cities of Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Grandville, Wyoming, Walker and East Grand Rapids. For more about the Michigan Municipal League and what we do go to For more about Convention go to and follow the League and the Convention on Twitter at @mmleague and the hashtag #mmltour.

HP Printer and Printers Shared on XP Workgroup – An Insight

network printer
by liewcf

HP Printer and Printers Shared on XP Workgroup – An Insight

Printer and Printers Accessories are required in almost every place. Nearly all offices, shops, and industries require printers for some reason or the other. A Printer is basically an output hardware device that prints texts or image tasks assigned to it from a computer. Present day operating systems offer many options for customizing a printer. You can also use advanced features like Printer Sharing that enable you to use a single printer over the network, i.e. from a number of computers. Many offices use the Sharing of Printers to make operation more economic.

This article would be helpful if you want to share a HP Computer Printer in windows XP professional workgroup network. Following are the steps you can use for Printer Sharing:

The whole process can be divided into two basic steps:

Step 1: Sharing the HP Computer Printer

First open the Control Panel and open the Printers and Faxes by double-clicking on the corresponding icon in Control Panel. Alternatively, you can click on Printers And Faxes on the Start Menu.In the Printers And Faxes windows that has appeared, right click on the printer you want to share and click on Sharing. But make sure that you have enabled the File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks on network card’s properties.In the window that appears, click the Sharing tab and select the Radio-Button named ‘Share This Printer’. Assign a share name to the computer, say HP Printer and Printers; this is the name with which your printer will be known on the network. Click OK.

Step 2: Connecting the Shared HP Printer

Now start the computer where you want to use the shared printer, HP Printer and Printers. Open the Printers and Faxes window in the same way as you did in Step-1.Now click on file on the menu bar and select Add Printer. The Add Printer Wizard will open.Clicking Next on this Add Printer Wizard will take you to the next page, where you have to select whether you wish to install a Local Or Network Printer. Select ‘A Network Printer, Or A Printer Attached To Another Computer’ and click Next.On the Specify A Printer page, select the option Browse For A Printer and then click Next.On the Browse For Printer page that appears, reach your shared printer named HP Printer and Printers and select it. For this you may have to expand the groups by clicking the Plus sign ‘+’ next to them.Click Next after selecting the shared printer. A dialog box will appear asking whether you are sure to install the driver for the printer. Click Yes and then Finish.

Now-a-days, printers come in many varieties and models.

You can visit the Printer and Printers Accessories section at to know more about the available varieties of printers. The store offers printers at very competitive prices. You can also find many easy-to-use USB-compatible HP Printer and Printers from this online store.

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Lexmark Laser Printer

Lexmark Laser Printer
Copy, scan and print to perfection with a Lexmark Laser Printer

Want a value for money printer that can handle all of your office tasks? Work in a medium sized setting and need the best printer for the price? Consider the new X544N Lexmark Laser Printer and enjoy trouble-free printing from now on.

High quality scanning and precise copying are just some of the features of this Lexmark Laser Printer. Use it on a day-to-day basis and benefit from longer cartridge life. The Lexmark Laser Printer is a speedy machine with output as swift as 23 pages per minute.

Print in black and white or colour with this Lexmark Laser Printer and see how it streamlines your daily business functions.

Search online for the best deals

Dont pay pricey high street costs. Great savings are to be found on a Lexmark Laser Printer from leading suppliers of value for money laser print peripherals.

Not sure which Lexmark Laser Printer to buy? Therere certainly plenty of fine machines on the market at the moment.

Speak to somebody in the know about your new Lexmark Laser Printer. Dedicated sales specialists are a phone call away and they are vastly knowledgeable about the latest Lexmark technology. Tell them your requirements, mention the budget that you have in mind and secure the right package for your new Lexmark Laser Pinter.

Print with pride

Its a wise investment choosing a Lexmark Laser Printer. Youll be using some of the finest print machinery and benefit from the latest hi-yield cartridge equipment.

Looking for something that comes with Wi-Fi capabilities as standard? Go wireless in the future with a Lexmark Laser Printer; network-ready options are widely available.

The full range of print options are available to peruse online and locating the right type of Lexmark Laser Printer for your business or personal needs is a task made simple by specialist suppliers.

Give them a call, have a chat with an experienced sales person about the right type of Lexmark Laser Printer for your requirements.

Enjoy a professional print experience with the latest laser option from the high quality Lexmark range. is a leading supplier of Lexmark Laser Printer. We are your only choice for copy, print and scan systems; visit our site for more info

Solid Ink Printers

Solid Ink Printers
Solid ink printers, as the name suggests, are printers that use solid inks. Their way of printing is different because of the different types of ink they use. These printers were first introduced in the market in the 1990’s. They were very advantageous due to different types of printing and ink, and were very well received in the market. Since then, the solid ink printer has undergone many changes. The current printer version is an excellent piece of technology and is being used by many printing houses and other businesses.


The main feature of the solid ink printer is its ink. The ink it uses is in a solid form in its normal state. The foremost different design and function of this printer is to melt the ink so it can go on to the paper from an inkjet like any other printer. Initially, the printer had a print head that used to oscillate between the inkjet and the paper. But this proved to be problematic as the print head was a heavy piece of iron. While oscillating, this print head generated enough force to move the printer and the table it was resting on. To rectify this, solid ink printer was fitted with a drum; now on which the jet sprays the ink. This drum then rolls on to the page transferring the ink to the page. The function of this printer is in fact very similar to that of an offset printer.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage of solid ink printers is its variety of ink. Solid ink gives a much better ink quality than other printers. This is because with solid ink, when the ink goes on to the page it does not have to go through the process of drying as it is solid at an ambient temperature. Similarly, as it does not have to dry, the ink does not sink into the paper giving a far better and vivid printing quality. These printers also do not produce ozone while printing. Another ecological benefit is the reduced amount of waste with these types of printers. The ink comes in a solid form and does not need disposable containers like cartridges. Due to no cartridge use, there is simply no problem of compatibility. You can freely choose between quality inks. These printers also do not depend much on the type and size of paper and print media being used.

Some of its disadvantages are closely linked to its advantages. The ink that gives great prints can easily come off the page if you scrape it with a fingernail. Such printers are not apt for printing letterheads or pages that have to pass through another printer. The heat from laser printers and the like can melt the ink on the page. The ink also fades on exposure to UV or the sun’s rays due to the use of organic colorants. If you get a bad ink block, which has impurities the inkjet could easily get clogged. Because of the ink’s characteristic of freezing and melting, sudden stops and interruptions in printing result in ink wastage. The machine itself uses great amount of power. Due to the complexity of the machine with its rolling drum rotating at high speeds, the belt of the drum needs to be replaced periodically and can prove to be a costly affair.

Andrew Yeung is the Marketing Director of ComboInk, a leading online provider of premium printer ink cartridges, including Canon cartridges and HP deskjet cartridges. By purchasing a large volume from factory, ComboInk is able to sell laser toner cartridges at steep

New Editing Workstation

Check out these network printer images:

New Editing Workstation
network printer
Image by S Richards Photography
NEW Setup as of January 5, 2012

-Dell U2410 24" S-IPS 16:10 Monitors, Samsung SyncMaster 940BW 19" 16:10 LCD Monitor, Dell Vostro 3550 15.6" Laptop, Custom built Core i7 Windows 7 x64 computer.

-JBL LSR4328 Studio Monitor Speakers, Edirol PCR300 Keyboard Controller, Tascam FW-1082 Firewire Interface and Control Surface

-Saitek Eclipse 2 Backlit Keyboard, Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse, Custom Desk/Monitor Backlighting system

-Various external hard drives and USB sticks, Samsung external DVD burner, Sandisk CF Card Reader

Not seen: Samsung Laser printer, Networking infrastructure, Custom PC tower

The Samsung display acts as both a 3rd display for widgets and additional programs for the editing PC, and as a second monitor for the laptop. Custom LED back lighting built into desk, custom mouse tray built onto keyboard tray. Various awards and posters on the walls behind.

Build Your Own ZUBI 1.0 born from 3DWebfier Project.
network printer
Image by menteblu61
What is ZUBI?

ZUBI is a complete, hardware&software open-source solution, born from 3DWebfier project to control wireless a 3d Printer from a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone.

Our original plan was to use a PIC-AP-BOARD in USB Host Mode (or any board with similar characteristics, eg this) connected via USB to the 3D printer and to WiFi network of home router via a WiFi module with serial interface HLK -RM04.

Now we have finally completed the solution, Open and low cost so anyone can make it. It’s will be featured at Rome Maker Faire 2014

Tech Cocktail’s DC Sessions with Local Motors’s Justin Fishkin
network printer
Image by Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail)
Tech Cocktail was excited to partner with GE for an inspiring night of innovation with special guest Justin Fishkin of Local Motors. The attendees not only left the event with nuggets of information and dreams to build the next revolution of refrigerators, but many walked away with small trinkets they built on the 3D printers and laser cutters that were on exhibit. It was quite a night!

Check out the talks here:
Register for other Tech Cocktail DC events here:

Photo credit:

Nice Network Printer photos

A few nice network printer images I found:

Add Printer to CUPS
network printer
Image by xmodulo
How to set up a USB network printer and scanner server on Debian

If you would like to use this photo, be sure to place a proper attribution linking to

Fixing the Network
network printer
Image by oschene
Resetting the printer, so it would shut up about the recycled ink cartridges already, destabilized the wireless network. Very badly.

The trouble with really stable networks is that you forget how they work. Never had that trouble with dial-up networking.

Fargo Id Card Printer

Fargo Id Card Printer
Fargo card printers have built their reputation by introducing reliable, trustworthy and innovative single and double sided ID card printers which have helped Fargo capture a huge chunk of market share in the ID card printing and photo IDs business. Fargo has ID card printers for all situations and for all types of businesses whether they are small or big because no business can ignore the fact that ID card printer plays a crucial role in maintaining a visitors log and employees attendance monitoring. Keeping in view this requirement, Fargo has designed simple solutions that will easily suit your business/organization.

Being economical is always the prime concern of any business organization. Fargo has done just that by designing cost effective and efficient Fargo card printers that will provide for the needs of the business in question. On average Fargo ID card printers have printing speed of 10 seconds for monochrome printing and an average of 30 seconds for full color printing at a resolution of 300 dpi. Fargo card printers use the newest in printing technology which is the dye-sublimation and the resin thermal transfer system. This printing technology enables the Fargo ID card printers to achieve such high printing speeds that arent available in other ID card printers present in the market.

Fargos single sided printer have been built and designed for small businesses as well as low profile membership clubs, photos IDs for visitors in conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions, etc. This is a very economical practice as this allows just printing that much of information that is required to identify a person that is, his/her name, photo, contact details and other personal details (residential address, post in organization, occupation, etc). These cards provide the basic card encoding features which is the ISO standard magnetic stripe encoding. At the same time these cards are also recyclable and you can reprint these cards over and over again making Fargos single sided printers very economical for the low budget customer.

Next are Fargos double sided ID card printers. These are meant for large corporations and businesses that have a vast number of employees, double sided printed cards enable them to keep track of their employees through these cards. Since they are printed on both sides, this allows for more information to be printed on the ID card. So along with photos, users of the card may have a unique digital signature that identifies the user. Double sided ID card printers also allow for enhanced security features, in which Fargo uses the HID iClass Technology to encode its ID card printers. The printers can also encode in the traditional magnetic stripe as well as smart cards and contactless cards. This security is usually required in places that need proper user identification like in research facilities, military installations, government agencies, etc.

Lastly, Fargo ID card printers, have increased connectivity options by using an Ethernet port. You can connect your computer to the Fargo ID card printer. This will allow you to take instant pictures of visitors and/or employees entering or exiting the business premises and print them on the ID cards.

If you want to get more information Fargo Card Printer then you can call to an expert ( ) at (800) 992-5279. You can check their squidoo lens

Brother Printer Cartridges

Brother Printer Cartridges

Brother Printer Cartridges Can Work in Many Colors

A number of Brother Printers are ones that will have to work with a number of Brother Printer cartridges. These cartridges will work with handling different colors for all sorts of special printing needs.

Four different colors can work for Brother Printer cartridges. A standard black cartridge can be used for black and white printing. Three different colors will be needed for color printing. These are the cyan, magenta and yellow colors. Each color can be contained in its own cartridge.

The three color cartridges will work together when color materials are being printed. Each color will be created by measuring the amounts of ink in certain cartridges. The calculations used for the cartridges are handled through the use of an ink formula. This formula is one that has been created by Brother. The formula is used to help with checking on how different colors can be created with different ink levels.

The three cartridges will be able to work together to dispense ink at the same time but at different levels. The ink will be used to make it easy for the most accurate colors to be created on any piece of paper. This is vital for such documents as photos and multi-color business reports.

The black cartridge will be used mostly for black and white productions. It can work with a Brother printer to handle fast printing needs for simple documents.

Each cartridge for a particular type of printer will be of the same shape. This is regardless of the type of color that is supported by a cartridge.

All of these Brother Printer cartridges can work with the same installation process. The installation process for a cartridge simply involves removing a sticker from the printer head, inserting a cartridge into a slot and locking it up. This is going to work for any type of Brother Printer. The area in the printer where the cartridge will go will vary by the printer model.

All of the cartridges will go into the same area of a particular printer. This is so they can all work with the same mechanisms inside of the printer. However, all cartridges will have to use their own specific slots with regards to where they will go inside of a printer.

Brother Printer cartridges are ones that can handle all types of colors. They can be used for a variety of different applications from photo printing to document printing. Each cartridge can be easy to handle as well.

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Cool Network Printer images

Check out these network printer images:

ECO SIP INDUSTRIES INC. BUILD BETTER, BUILD GREEN- featured at Buildex Vancouver-Photos Courtesy of Ron Sombilon Gallery and PacBlue Printing
network printer
BUILDEX VANCOUVER – Vancouver Convention Centre West
BUILDEX Vancouver is about designing, building and managing real estate.

For Other MMPI Canada Events visit

#oppolandscape of Julian getting paid doing English Professional Writing
network printer
Image by Julian Partridge
* output of a recent RED self help session (opportunity landscaping) triggered by the apparently hopeless desire to make speculative job applications in the field and the dire performance evidenced last year applying to all the advertised jobs in this vein


MAKING capacity building writings FOR maturing software producers
TRADING SERVICES: Custom process models, procedures, training worksheets, schematics
MARKETS: biz software, film cgi, games, via trainers
SUSPECTS: red—, i—

MAKING business funding bids FOR startups
TRADING SERVICES: business plans oppo landscapes, business posters
MARKETS: sponsors – government, private, entrepreneurs – via university via fe careers, via networks
SUSPECTS: cbnea, newmarket Bar—, newmarket rot—

MAKING lesson materials FOR creative computing teachers
TRADING GOODS: project briefs, activity kits, integrated programme systems
MARKETS: primary, fe, uni

MAKING capacity building materials FOR professional writing producers
TRADING GOODS: platform comparison charts, vertical solutions, consulting guides, trends bulletins
MARKETS: via platform vendors, via web readers, via own clients


1. Try madcap for a business start start-up case to produce open content portable into any business plan document format.

2. Try state-of-the-art survey of platforms.

What is a Book!?

The trend in professional writing is towards model-based separation of the information essential to produce the written article – the Model – from the written article itself – the Book (a paperback, say). Simplest example: a text file (a Model) saved on your computer, later printed and finished as an A4 paper ring-bound document (a Book).

Writers of old were the monks armed with quill and ink and parchment, scribing a new scroll of some kind (eg a debt record to pin someone to a future repayment). More recently, we had the corporate typing pools with their batteries of well-oiled Imperial grey typewriters bashing out their business forms or letters (all still intent on pinning someone to something, no doubt)…

Then we had the xerox revolution – xerox brilliantly desktopizing the laborious and error-prone manual copying and transcription process to duplicate all coming documentation on the fly — until wordprocessors and laser printers merged the two and changed the game yet again. And then enter Bill and Microsoft and all the others to clean this up and make it turn out mega bucks. And now we have the Model-Based revolution…

Film is a very good example of this model-based separation. The script and the storyboard as assimilated in the Director’s mind (Hitchcock-style) providing the Model, while the dvd of the finished production represents the Written Article – the "Book". The words ‘writing’ and ‘written’ are clearly somewhat misleading here.

Modern engineering design is similarly analysed: all but gone is the design-in-drawings method, now replaced by a digital information model (the Design) and any variety of views of theis, each a post-processed extract of the model transcribed into a physical document eg a printed drawing sheet – or in the case of the most modern manufacturer, immediately into a finished user’s product (as in 3-d printing).

I think the current jargon for this model-based separation in professional writing spheres is Topic authoring and Single-source content.

Now I think the impact of this technological trend is EARTH SHATTERING!

Where we used to have armies of fully-employed touch-typists producing the distributed our documentation of simple kinds, fed by fewer, much higher-paid elite authors way up in the organisation pyramid, endlessly writing and altering and copying – and the massive cost of all of that – we now have a rapidly evolving and converging sea of pure knowledge and a myriad of islands of use-centred (and almost free to employ) robotized document completion machines (Book Makers).

[witness this bit of professional writing: this (book) page will look very different depending on your viewing device (pc, mobile, app) but the words are the same and mostly mine. And not a copy typist/setter/printer/book binder job anywhere to be seen! And the originating author is working for free!!]

… I wonder if the Book is in the process of disappearing altogether!

This earth shattering evolutionary process can be managed in the business organisation [Julian’s intended Professional Writings client] as a matter of Integration.

Take a good-sized sample of business-essential documentation and throw it all on a hanger floor and then proceed to #refactorize it all, so that every item of text and graphics is instantiated only once, and a rational set of completed document types to present them is envisaged (eliminating redundant content and documentation and distribution points as we go). Then summarize this Model-Based Integrated Documentation System as an engaging schematic diagram poster (getting someone like Julian in to help you facilitate this key step if you feel the need for some fresh, expert eyes on your side) and then let your establishment stew on the ramifications of this Brave New Writing World for a while… Then implement.

Julian has done a couple of these whole-enterprise documentation integration jobs before. For example, one for a leading project management consulting and education firm, who produced tonnes of printed lesson and event management documentation to support their world class educational events. The integration step helped move them from conventional Microsoft Office-based ‘special file – special document’ technology, that required repeated content for course syllabuses, presentation scripts, attendee handouts, timetables – all done as a matter of strategy to the highest quality level – each document requiring it’s own template design, and its own proofing, editing and releasing timeline, each requiring premium staff to effort and control their production in what was necessarily a flood of hundreds of such documents for each week of activity, with all the cost and inter-staff pressure and embarrassing slip-ups that is inevitable in such a system… The solution was indeed an enterprise database to hold and deliver the single-sourced content information – the Model, and a well designed workflow system to ease event production from business development thru to happy more aptly educated customers and then yet more business development – The "Book".

Another case, for a large engineering design company, we found a number of opportunities for Integration including moving an old-school library of discrete procedure documents (mini textbooks of engineering best practice) (mission-critical to have, and highly costly to maintain), each independently written and managed and distributed, moving all that to a single live wiki platform with multiple authors collaborating on content, employing wiki tricks to avoid content repetition, and opening up the system allowing users to participate in quality feedback to help the collective drive for excellence.

A wiki encapsulates both The Model and The Book. I think that the cleverness of the wiki [when properly conceived and architected and implemented] is in that, in addition to the realization of single-sourced content (a massive cost and quality improvement in itself), it has silently cut down the number of Books to be published and distributed from hundreds (or thousands for a global organization), to just the one.


JELDWEN WINDOWS & DOORS- featured at Buildex Vancouver-Photos Courtesy of Ron Sombilon Gallery and PacBlue Printing-3
network printer
BUILDEX VANCOUVER – Vancouver Convention Centre West
BUILDEX Vancouver is about designing, building and managing real estate.

For Other MMPI Canada Events visit

Offset Printers

Offset Printers
Printing and Publishing Services Available in Jaipur
Book Printing
Jaipur city has specialized book printers and publishers. Book printing in Jaipur city is in demand because some of the most modern technologies are put to use by the printers in Jaipur. Some of the most innovative and most modern book printing designs and printing services are available in Jaipur with the Popular Printers in Jaipur.

Brochure Printing
A Brochure is the face of a companys products or services and this leaves a lasting impression on the reader or the beholder. More so, brochures provide vital information as well. Different Brochures are used for providing and displaying information about a particular product or service. Printing of brochures at Popular Printers in Jaipur is affordable and is the best in the industry quality wise.

Business card Printing
Alike Brochures, Business cards also provide information about a company or its employees. It includes street address, telephone numbers, fax number, mail address and website etc information about the card holder. All this information could be put together in various ways. A business card professionally designed by Popular Printers in Jaipur is far superior in quality than a business card designed at home or by unprofessional or semi professional printers.

Catalogue Printing
Catalogue Printing is helpful for your customers in highlighting the products or services. It also shows the actual prices of the products as graphics and merchandise in a systematic method to all customers. It would be not an exaggeration to say that Popular Printers has made its own space in the printing of catalogues due to its superior printing quality.

Calendars printing
Calendars provide information about the time cycle, holidays, months, weeks and years to all. Popular Printers in Jaipur have the latest designs and printing facility to make your calendar the most distinct and attractive of all.

Specialty of Popular Printers in Printing in Jaipur
Jaipur city is soon becoming a hub of printers as compared to most of the cities. In Jaipur you can easily find a printer but finding the best of them is an uphill task. However, you have Popular Printers, which is capable of catering to all your printing needs. With the help of the following special components in printing, Popular Printers promises the best in the industry printing work.

Digital designing
Popular Printers digitally designs on latest designing software where most of the printers in Jaipur still use the traditional designing and printing methods in Jaipur.

Innovative technology, Modern Infrastructure
Popular Printers employs the latest technology to use to bring the best for its customers. For the purpose, they put to use the most modern machines and modern Infrastructure, latest machine and technology to be ahead in technology and printing.

It is the Quality of printing work that has earned name for Popular Printers. Popular Printers in Jaipur offer quality assurance and offers tailor-made solutions to the customers. Popular Printers is most innovative and most modern Offset Printers in Jaipur Printers.