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Five Easy Steps to Setting Up a Wireless Printer

Five Easy Steps to Setting Up a Wireless Printer

With wireless networks becoming the norm in network computing both at home and in offices, it is not surprising that these users of wireless networks are now turning as well to setting up a wireless printer to address whatever printing needs that they may have. After all, since wireless printers do not require Ethernet or local area network cables, it is more economical to install them instead of laying out meters upon meters of network cables either at home or in the office.

Setting up a wireless printer is not a complicated matter to accomplish. It can take as short as five steps to get the whole thing done.

Step #1: The Location of the Wireless Printer.

Since more than one computer would be making use of the wireless printer. It makes sense to figure out the best place to put it. The wireless printer should be set up at a place at home or in the office that is accessible to everyone and where there is ample space for paper, printer ink and other such paraphernalia.

Step #2: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

There are two connectivity choices when it comes to setting up a wireless printer, and these two choices are none other than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Most new computers and printers nowadays are equipped with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capacities, but if not, it is easy to get a wireless card that can be plugged using a USB port. The only difference is that Bluetooth printers has a smaller range than Wi-Fi.

Step #3: Enable Printer Sharing

The server computer’s operating system must be informed that the printer that will be added to its network is a wireless printer. In Windows Vista, this is done by accessing the network settings in the Control Panel and then activating file and printer sharing in the local area network settings.

Step #4: Share the Printer.

The other computers on the network must also be set up for using the wireless printer. To do this in Windows Vista, open the Control Panel in the classic view and then open Printers. Right click on the printer that is going to be shared, and then open Properties. In Properties, check the box that allows the printer to be a shared device.

Step #5: Continuous Troubleshooting

Wireless networks are prone to interruptions, and so it is important for whoever it is that is maintaining the wireless network at home or at the office to keep the connections to the wireless printer active. Nothing is more irritating that setting up a wireless printer and then encountering numerous glitches afterwards.

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