My workspace

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My workspace
bluetooth printer
Image by Mat Honan
Being a free-lance writer is tough. It’s actually quite scary, especially when you are starting out. When I began, I lucked into a columnist gig with that helped pay the bills. But even so, for a long time money was tight, and my career, as it was, was a shambles. That was particularly true when I came back from travelling and had to more or less start all over again with no fresh contacts.

Yet from the lean days, I was able to build something resembling a career. I now do better financially as a freelancer than I ever did when I had a full-time job. But that’s largely because it is a full-time job for me and I treat it like one. I typically try to work 9-5, at the very least, and to keep very regular hours. And because I have no one to answer to other than myself, I don’t begin to spend as much time goofing off online as I did when I had to be somewhere else 9-5.

I want to get my work done and go play outside, because I can.

In any case, since returning from Asia, I’ve gotten increasingly organized in nearly all aspects of my career–everything from billing to the way I order my files on my machine. One area where that’s demonstratively visible is my desktop, which was a mess for years, but lately has become, I think, aesthetically pleasing. (It could be a bit bigger, but I’m quite happy with it.) I think it’s kind of symbolic of my freelance career as a whole.

Not pictured: printer, the window to my right that looks out at Page Street, the folding table I set up next to my desk when I need to spread out a lot of files, and the 5.1 system that, er, surrounds me in sound.

Polaroid PoGo
bluetooth printer
Image by Alejandro Amador
El invento está bien, pero o la mía vino mal, o ya pueden ir mejorando la calidad de la impresora, mañana me enteraré…

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new printer

Some cool network printer images:

new printer
network printer
Image by Listener42
I’ve inherited my boss’s old printer. No more screwing around with the networked ones anymore! Sweet!

Taup? Library, scanner and printer
network printer
Image by Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa
Photos taken during People’s Network installation at Taup? District Libraries, December 2011.

New Printer
network printer
Image by Lester Public Library
Two Rivers Business Association, Networking at Night, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Nice Bluetooth Printer photos

Check out these bluetooth printer images:

My Desk
bluetooth printer
Image by Simon Starr
The white/grey/black colour scheme happened by accident!

The desk is a Fredrik Workstation from Ikea.
Most cables are attached to the desk with cable ties to keep them out of the way and there’s a USB hub attached to the back of the panel under the desk.
The panel is also supposed to act as a cable shelf but British plugs are too big to fit inside it properly!

Also in this picture:
Canon MP210 printer/scanner/copier, Griffin laptop stand, Huså Work Lamp, Ageing Logitech MX1000 mouse, Sennheiser HD210 headphones (handy when my wife is watching TV at the other end of the room), Dymo labelling machine, some Uni-ball Jetstream pens from (I bought one in Japan last year and haven’t been able to find them in the UK), fresh mug of coffee.

Still to do:
Find a decent bluetooth mouse to replace the MX1000. Partly because the batteries don’t hold their charge like they used to and partly so I can lose the cradle.
Buy a pair of Logitech Z-10 speakers.
Find a replacement light – it’s nice to have some bias lighting but the lamp is too big and the bulb too close to the wall. I’m thinking about getting some cheap cold cathode lights and attaching them to the back of the desk instead.
Get an Aeron chair 🙂

a mess
bluetooth printer
Image by kingston99
i need to fix this