HP 564 Ink Cartridge in Retail Packagings, Combo Pack

HP 564 Ink Cartridge in Retail Packagings, Combo Pack

  • Combo Pack Print Cartridges
  • Includes 1 Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow Cartridge
  • Each Cartridge Yields up to 300 Pages
  • Brilliant, True to Life Color and Laser Quality Black Text with our Vivera Ink Technology
  • Water, Smudge and Fade Resistant Photos

Print lab-quality photos and laser-quality documents, using HP Vivera inks. Photos dry instantly and resist water, smudging and fading when using advanced photo paper. With this 5 individual ink system, you get the right pigment or dye inks for every project. Standard and high-capacity cartridges provide affordable value and choice for unique printing needs.

List Price: $ 33.75

Price: $ 33.75

Printer Ink Cartridge for Brother LC3013 LC-3013 MFC-J895DW J690DW J491DW J497DW

End Date: Sunday Oct-20-2019 13:37:49 PDT
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Genuine Canon 245 246 ink cartridge combo for MX492 MX490 3022 2922 2920 printer
End Date: Thursday Oct-31-2019 16:17:02 PDT
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Take Better Digital Photos (Photography

Take Better Digital Photos (Photography
Pro photog/writer Tony Pages photo toolbox of creative tools and techniques immediately improve your digital images. 135 big A4 pages, 130 quality colour photos, good bonuses/sales page/affiliate tools: www.travelsignpostsphoto.com/ebook/affiliates.php
Take Better Digital Photos (Photography

How To Be A Tattoo Artist
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How To Be A Tattoo Artist

Printer Ink Cartridge for Brother LC103XL LC-103 XL MFC-J470DW MFC-J475DW J870DW

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Printer Ink Cartridge For Epson T410XL 410 XL Expression XP830 XP640 XP635 XP630
End Date: Thursday Oct-31-2019 15:23:37 PDT
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Three Issues To Consider When It Comes To Compatible Printer Cartridges

Three Issues To Consider When It Comes To Compatible Printer Cartridges

At first glance, it would seem that compatible cartridges are the answer to the prayers of every office supply manager. After all, they are a cheaper option to the original branded printer cartridges, thereby helping to keep office expenses as low as possible. However, they are not the perfect solution in every case, with a number of issues calling into question the suitability of compatible cartridges with some printer models.

There are, of course, clear advantages to the compatible cartridge and, in many situations it is the perfect solution to the office expenses problem. Whether for a printer, photocopier or fax, ink cartridges need to be in plentiful supply, and replenished regularly. However, in some cases only HP ink cartridges can be used in HP printers, and Epson toner cartridges used in Epson photocopiers.

With that in mind, here are three key reasons why a compatible cartridge may not be as compatible with a particular printer as one might have thought.

Unfortunately, not every compatible cartridge manufacturer does a good job. While many strive to meet the highest standards they can, there are some that are interested more in cutting corners to ensure larger profits. The result is a lower quality product that produces poor printing over a short life span, meaning a less than satisfactory rating in terms of value for money.

While the cartridge may use ink that is not of a sufficient quality, there is also a possibility that low grade cartridges will actually cause serious damage to the printer itself. This is because, though compatible cartridges are designed to be interchangeable, they may fail to properly fit either electronically or physically, and the printer can suffer the consequences. Also, depending on which country one is in, the printer warranty may be void in the case of damage caused by unbranded cartridges.

However, while there are some manufacturers of these compatible versions that are willing to bypass industry standards, many more ensure that standards are adhered to. Finding a reliable supplier can require some trial and error, but ultimately, will save office costs once they are found.

Ensuring that the compatible cartridge actually fits into the particular printer is only part of the problem. There is also the matter of electronic compatibility, with a number of differing electronic features and capabilities between different brands of printer. There are two main technology types in use in the industry, namely continuous inkjet and drop on demand technology.

Continuous inkjet, which is also known as simply CIJ, is generally used in commercial models but drop on demand, or DOD, is most commonly used in a typical office printer. This also has two types, with the most common being thermal DOD, and piezoelectric DOD used in some Epson models but not very widely. Whatever the type of technology a printer uses, the ink cartridge needs to correspond to it in order to work. This is because the electronic chip and strip that is found on the end of the cartridge is the mode of communication between the cartridge and the printer itself.

A third issue that must be considered is whether the office printer in question has a fixed printer head or makes use of disposable printer heads. A fixed printer head means that the head is built into the machine; while the alternative means that the head is disposed of and replaced every time the ink cartridge is changed.

In the case of the latter, this is usually the reason for the high price of the original cartridge, and makes it difficult to find compatible from an independent manufacturer. However, if the printer in the office was expensive, it is likely because the printer head is in the machine, making it more likely to find a compatible option that really does work.

While the printer is arguably most in need of regular cartridge changes, fax machines also need their replacement cartridges and photocopiers their replacement toner cartridges. To that degree, there will always be an array of replacement cartridges needed in an office, keeping office supply managers very busy.

And, for the time being at least, and other makes may still be preferred over compatible cartridges for technical rather than cost reasons.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles about InknToner UK, an online supplier of quality printer cartridges available at inexpensive prices to customers around the UK. If you’re looking for ink and toner cartridges online, you’ve come to the right place. With free delivery on a massive range of ink cartridges and toner cartridges, InknToner UK offers cheap branded printer inks including hp ink cartridges, Samsung and Lexmark ink cartridges. Find out about fax ink today.

HP 56 Black Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging, Twin Pack (C9319FN#140) Reviews

HP 56 Black Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging, Twin Pack (C9319FN#140)

  • HP 56 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge for professional-looking prints
  • Produces photo-quality black and white prints that resist fading
  • Produces crisp black text
  • Page yield: approx. 1,040 pages (depends on printer and specific use)
  • Compatible with select HP printers

HP 56 Twinpack Black Ink Cartridge (C9319FN#140)…

List Price: $ 52.68

Price: $ 52.68

How to Enhance the life of Printer Toner

How to Enhance the life of Printer Toner

If you own a laser printer then you must be aware that replacing a printer toner costs a lot. The cost of the cartridge is quite high which can probably create a hole in your pocket. But there are some very easy steps that can help you to extend the life of the printer toner. The following steps will not only enhance the life of the printer toner but will also provide the best results:


Firstly, you should use the draft mode whenever it is possible. This will surely increase the life of your printer toner. This mode helps you to see the document on the printer page which minimises wastage. In order to choose the draft mode you should click the File menu after choosing Print and finally click on Properties button. Using the Print Quality drop down box is another option to lower the dots per inch setting.
Another way of saving precious is to use the preview menu. A lot of paper and ink is wasted in order to print documents which are not aligned properly. In order to minimise the wastage one can use the preview option as it can help you see the alignment or what the printouts will actually look like.
Thirdly one should avoid printing documents which has more formatting and shading. Generally shading and formatting a lot of ink and it can be saved if extra formatting is not necessary. Another option can be to lighten the shading or even removing it if it is not necessary.
One of the best and most effective ways of saving some valuable toner is to remover the toner cartridge and shake it once whenever the print begins to look light. This will redistribute the remaining toner powder and help in getting a few more valuable prints for some days to come.
Lastly you should always clean the toner cartridge from the outside every now and then. Sometimes the toner residue accumulates on the top which can reduce the life of the toner but cleaning it time to time certainly increases the lifespan. This will also help in reducing the wastage of ink and maximizing the amount of prints.

Following all the above mentioned steps will surely help you in saving a lot of valuable ink. is another option which can surely help in saving a lot of money at the time of toner replacement.

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