The best way to make replacements for printer toner cartridges

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The best way to make replacements for printer toner cartridges

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There are several types of printers available in the market. The most popular of all the printers are the laser printers. These are good buys as they are highly effective in providing quality prints and last much longer than other printers. The laser printers actually do not require ink cartridges like inkjet printers, though they provide outputs that are as good as inkjet printers. In fact, the print quality of these types of printers may be even superior and as ink powders are used rather than liquid ink, the prints will not smudge.


With these types of printers, one can be sure that print quality will not degrade for at least one year, when the printers are set on the economy mode. One can even take prints for longer duration, though the texts may appear slightly faded. This is the indication that the printer toners need to be replaced with new ones. If individuals might require fine quality prints they can even replace it before it shows signs of faded text. For those who know how to change ink toners, it may require some amount of effort, though it may be not that difficult if done correctly.


The first step should begin by carefully reading the user’s manual and connecting to the internet for online assistance which has been offered with the printer software. The printer manuals may be complete to provide guidance on how to replace the printer toners in easy chronological order. Some of the manuals may even come with diagrams and illustrations that help the users. The procedure of replacing inkjet toners may be similar as with other printer models, though there may be some variations depending on the ink cartridge models and the size of printer cartridge. Online assistance may also be very useful as printer software may have different types of wizard functions which guide the users with interactive tools all through the procedure of replacement of printer ink toners. If one has already purchased a new printer toner, they will not be able to install it unless the previous printer cartridge is removed. The removal of printer cartridge may provide an easy lesson on how to install the new one.


Individuals should refer to users manual if they do not want to take risk or experiment with how to take out the old printer toner. They should always be gentle while handling with delicate printer parts such as the printer toner so that there is no damage to any of the components inside. The general procedure begins with opening the printer cover to reveal the toner underneath. One should observe if it is attached with any clippings that hold the printer toner in place. By having a look around the toners for any signs will help the users to hold the toners and detach it from its position.


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What to do if Your Computer Printer Toner Runs Low

What to do if Your Computer Printer Toner Runs Low

For most people, a computer has become a necessary part of their daily lives. Whether it is for work or personal use, we often have to print out a number of documents on a daily basis. As with any device, we have to make adjustments. When using a computer printer, one will expect at some point to see their toner run low. One has a couple of options to fix the problem when their computer printer toner runs low.

Although the printer runs electronically, it needs the toner cartridge to provide toner for the printed paper. One choice you have when the printer toner runs low is to purchase a new toner cartridge. A new cartridge is expensive, so it may take more sense to refill the cartridge when you notice blurry and faded printed copies. Because toner cartridges can be expensive, check online for special deals on toner or ask an office supply store about rebates, discounts, and sales. It is important to know what type of toner cartridge you use before making a purchase. When replacing the toner cartridge, open the printer’s interior panel. Locate the cartridge handle on the inside. Once you got the handle, pull out and up to remove the used cartridge. Insert the new cartridge in the spot where you removed the old cartridge.

A cheaper way of fixing toner that is running low is to refill the toner cartridge with new toner. When refilling a toner cartridge, make sure you have the right toner. If not, you could damage the printer. You can do the refilling or have someone else do it for you. There are many online sites that sell toner refill kits. A quality refill kit will come with a set of instructions. If not, and you are unsure how to refill the cartridge, get a professional or contact the printer manufacturer or a computer store for help with refilling. Your toner refill kit will have the tools and toner to refill your cartridge. After refilling, reseal the hole with the tools from the refill kit. There are toner refill kits for cartridges where you burn the fill hole and then when done, there will be aluminum tape in the kit to secure over the hole. Shake the cartridge and then reinsert the toner filled cartridge back into the printer. One cartridge should only be reused about three times before you buy a brand new one. As well, there are now printer toner cartridges that contain ‘smart chips’ which will have to be replaced for the cartridge to perform past its life expectancy. When refilling a toner cartridge, make sure you are refilling it while wearing old clothes and over an old towel so you do not make a mess on an item that you like.

Fixing a printer with toner running low does not have to be difficult or expensive. As long as you know what your options are and what to do, fixing it will not be a problem and you will be able to continue with high quality printer output.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Printer Ink Cartridges

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Printer Ink Cartridges

It is a known fact that you’ll spend more money on printer ink cartridges than you have on that new printer. Original ink cartridges are costly and expensive, and you can burn a hole in your pocket if you print a large amount of documents and images everyday.

There are, however, steps you can do to make the most out of your printer ink cartridges. Save money, minimize waste and give Mother Earth a helping hand with these green, economical tips on How to Make the Most out of Your Printer Ink Cartridges.

1. Analyze your document. If you need to print information like printer or computer specs or recipes for your personal use, then use fonts that are less ink-hungry. Smaller sized, regular fonts are more economical than bold-faced, larger fonts. In addition, if all you need printed from a web page is text, remove all images before printing to save on printer ink. Go over the document and try to remove unnecessary spacing to save on paper and ink as well. Changing font sizes and spacing can often fit a five-page document into just three pages.

2. Always print on draft mode. Unless you’re printing a final presentation, set your printer to “draft” mode as its default. There’s no excuse for wasting expensive printer ink on test pages you plan on revising anyway. A good partner to this rule is to always edit first before printing.

3. Print something every week. This may sound like you’re wasting precious printer ink, but printing regularly keeps your printer well-maintained. Printer ink cartridges easily dry out when they’re not used constantly, and become unusable when dry as a result. Print a test page every week. This doesn’t use up a lot of ink and you keep your ink cartridges in tiptop shape.

4. Save electricity, save your printer. Always turn off your printer when not in use. This doesn’t only help you save energy; it also keeps your printer ink from heating up too much and clogging your printer head.

5. Don’t shy away from Generic Ink Cartridges. Most people are scared of buying generic ink because they hear horror stories about damaged printers and bad printing, but facts show that not only are generic ink cartridges less expensive than original manufacturers’ printer ink, the print outs they produce are of good quality, too.

6. Run a cleaning cycle regularly. After some time, print outs tend to have white streaks or wavy lines on them, and most of us are quick to replace ink cartridges thinking that our printer has run out of ink. Before you do that, run a cleaning cycle on your printer–you may do this by going to your printer’s menu and clicking on “clean printer heads” or “clean printer cartridges.” Chances are, those streaks are caused by dirty printer heads, and not lack of ink.

Printer ink cartridges may be costly and expensive, but this shouldn’t stop you from making good use of your printer. Just follow the simple rules outlined above and choose more affordable, quality third-party ink cartridges to enjoy all your printer’s features without having to worry about spending too much on printer ink.

This Article is written by John C Arkin from the contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources. More information on the subject is at How to Make the Most out of Your Printer Ink Cartridges, and related resources can be found at Generic Ink Cartridges.

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How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges

How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges


It is a fact that most printer toner cartridges used by consumers contain harmful components. If not disposed of properly, printer toner cartridges pose a great threat to animal and plant life. Many consumers use electronic devices and forget all about them as soon as they outlive their usefulness. Mostly, after printer supplies are finished, they are discarded. The plastics in which the printer toner cartridges are contained are materials that can be utilized well and enhance the safety of the environment. One will have to ensure that the whole container is completely used and is empty.

To dispose of printer toner cartridges, one has to remove the toner or the ink cartridge from the printer. This would facilitate the process of disposal. Any printer repairs of printing supplies would make it easy to establish the effectiveness of printer toner cartridges. If the cartridges are from authentic dealers or manufacturers, there should always be safety measures that come with the manuals on what to do with printer supplies. Normally, information on how to dispose of empty printer toner cartridges effectively as well as ways of recycling is enclosed on purchase of the printer. There are disposal services that are available online and in the yellow pages and are rendered by organs such as who recycle printers at some affordable fee ranging from $ 5.00 to $ 10.00 inclusive of shipping.

Even though throwing away the used cartridges is not in the laws, disposing printer toner cartridges in a proper way would be a modest move for a clean and safe environment. For printers, a consumer would dispose empty printer toner cartridges by giving them out to organizations and agencies that deal in collections and disposal. In case of repairs, it is convenient to contact institutional stores personnel who deal in delivery of printer toner cartridges. Most often, a consumer would be advised on what to do with the toner bottles. Printer toner cartridges from companies such as Toshiba toners can be disposed of in trash box or green buckets since they are not harmful. Most of the manufacturers have particular plans that are put in place on how to recycle used printer toner cartridges and old electronics.

For the consumers who would want to recycle printer toner cartridges, there are guidelines that regard the checks and instructions on which materials can be re-used. Any remanufactured cartridge would have to pass a quality inspection before it is re-used. Most quality printing supplies are often recommended for use by the buyers simply because they have been subjected to standards that make them environmentally friendly. This is the same with printer toner cartridges. It is wise to switch on the printers before removing the cartridges, once it is unplugged from the machine, it would then be safe to switch off the printer.

Learning how to dispose of printer toner cartridges is both beneficial to people and the environment. Recycled printer toner cartridges are also essential in making other products using the same material. Since the ink is no longer there, the outer covering can be used for something beneficial.

Rafi Ghanim Michael is owner and writer of videobabylon. Currently, he is writing on Printer Toner Cartridges and Toronto Printer Toner Cartridges.

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